ASICS Runners Video

Help & FAQs

Problem: “No video is displayed.”

Possible causes:

  1. Security is set to high. Flash execution requires security medium/high or lower. Security settings can be adjusted through extra/internet options/privacy in your Internet Explorer browser”.
  2. The connection is broken: click on refresh (Internet Explorer: cntrl + f5), the images are again downloaded from the server.
  3. The server is overloaded: please try again later or the next day.
  4. The firewall does not accept streaming video: consult your helpdesk or change the preferences in your browser or firewall.
  5. The images are not available yet. It can take up to a couple of days after the event until the images are uploaded by RunnersTV. Please try again later.
  6. Flash is not (correctly) installed on your PC. Go to to download the latest flash version.

If the solutions suggested above still don't work, it's also possible to order the images on DVD. To do so go back to the RunnersTV screen en click on the order link.

Problem: I cannot find the athlete I'm looking for in the video.

The images are classified by minute. Possibly you've passed the camera just after it started recording or the runner will pass the camera at the end of the recording. Please also check whether the name of the runner you are looking for is displayed below or next to the TV screen. If this is not the case the wrong runner was selected in the results of the event.

Question: “Is it possible to download the images to my PC?

The images are automatically downloaded to your PC after viewing them. However this is in Flash format. Where are they? Search for “*.flv”. Next search for files with a date in the name like e.g. 1432.flv. You can also order the images in a much better quality on DVD. To do so go back to the RunnersTV screen en click on the order link.

Problem: “The video stops halfway”

Probably the highest quality cannot be displayed because the connection is not good enough at that moment. After the video stops you can click on the play button to continue the video. When the images are displayed you can refresh the video in your browser (ctrl + F5 for Windows). Probably the images are now displayed in one go. If this is not the case there's probably no recording available of the moment you were waiting for.

Problem: “No tv-screen or an error message is displayed.”

Probably the latest version of Flash is not installed on your PC. Go to to download and install the latest Flash version.

Contact details:

You can contact RunnersTV via the email address below
Problemi di visualizzazione?

Questi video sono riprodotti in HD. In caso di problemi di visualizzazione, ti consigliamo di provare una delle seguenti soluzioni:
1. Chidere le altre applicazioni che possono impegnare il processore.
2. Mettere il video in pausa e aspettare che si carichi, quindi riavviare il video.
3. Controlla la qualità della tua connessione internet. I video HD richiedono una connessione di almeno 500+Kbps per essere visualizzati correttamente.


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